Here’s a list of my blogs. These blogs are built mostly around the four areas that I write and teach on. My hope is that this will be a space for asking questions that ultimately connect with activism.

Communities and Universities Addressing Health Disparities (CUAHD)

This is the ongoing blog for the AHRQ-funded culture-centered collaboration between Purdue University and the Indiana Minority Health Coalition to tailor comparative effectiveness research summary guides on heart disease for African Americans in the Lake and Marion counties of Indiana.

MacArthur digital media

Over the last year, I have been working with Graham Bodie and Ambar Basu on a digital divide and ethnicity project supported by MacArthur Foundation. On this blog, I have discussed the role of online health activism among the nation’s youth.

Critical Thoughts

On this blog, I discuss my thoughts on critical theory, globalization politics and communication research. Of particular interest here are the roles of culture and structure in marginalization.

Culture-centered approach

Resisting the dominant articulations of what it means to engage in health communication, the culture-centered approach offers an alternative by suggesting the need to engage in dialogue with voices of cultural members. This blog discusses theoretical ferments and methodological questions around the culture-centered approach.

Digital voices

This blog discusses my research on the digital divide, health information literacy, health orientation, and digital activism. In this line of work, I examine the role of digital media in fostering spaces of social change that challenge the unequal structures underlying the healthcare disparities