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In 2010, several news stories were written up on the $1.5 million grant from AHRQ. The grant has been planned as a culture-centered project involving local African American communities in Lake and Marion counties to address the heart health disparities experienced by African Americans. The project was publicized by the Purdue University News Service ( The following media outlets covered the project:

Associated Press


Chicago Defender

Inside Indiana Business

Journal & Courier

Lafayette Online

My Black News

National Health IT Collaborative for the Underserved


Northwest Indiana Times

Praise Cleveland

Target Market News


WTLC AM 1310

These news stories covering Professor Dutta’s work on the consumption of communication channels among the health oriented segments of the population point out that those consumers who are least likely to engage in healthy behaviors are most likely to receive their health information from entertainment-oriented media. News media, however, are more likely to serve those consumers who are already engaging in health-oriented behaviors.

The strategy of using news heavy media isn’t working. Yes, a story in the local newspaper or on the nighttime news reaches people, but that audience, for the most part, already engages in a healthy lifestyle.
Additional media coverage includes work that addresses the unhealthy structures of violence that marginalize rural communities, and discuss possibilities for changing the social structures that lead to poor health.

Recent coverage has been received on over 35 media outlets:

Academic Keys

Calgary Herald

Eureka Alert (

Exercise Daily (

Journal and Courier

Lafayette Online

Medical Letter (CDC and FDA)

My DNA news (

Newswise (

Northwest Indiana Times

Ottawa Citizen

Pharmacy Network (

Physician Law Weekly

Science Blog (

The Telegraph


Vancouver Sun